Welcome to Fairfield Primary

Fairfield Primary School was opened in 1919 with Our School106 pupils. 94 years later we still have the original school block which has been remodelled into our new library and resource rooms. Fairfield Primary is located in the north east suburbs of Hamilton. The school is set amongst mature trees bounded on two sides by Fairfield Park.

Fairfield Primary School is a U5, Decile 1a contributing primary school, catering for Year 0 to Year 6. Our current role is just over 300 pupils.

About our school ! firefoxThe school comprises 12 classrooms, school hall, library, swimming pool, administration block, two adventure playgrounds, netball courts and large playing fields. The school also has the services of a SWIS (Social Worker In Schools), Public Health Nurse, Dental Therapists, and SASH (School Attendance Services Hamilton).

Fairfield Primary is a well resourced school.  Our teaching programmes place a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy.   Curriculum programmes cater for the learning needs of all our children. We also operate a number of support programmes for children with special needs and special abilities.

Fairfield Primary is very proud to be a Duffy school.  This programme enables our children to benefit from having Books in their Homes.

The school’s computers allows for e-mail and internet access (restricted).
All administration systems are computerised.

We are a multicultural school. Our diverse range of ethnic backgrounds include European, Maori, Cook Island, Somali, Tongan, Samoan, Fijian, Niuean, Korean, Chinese, Cambodian, Congolese and others. We treat all our children as individuals, each with their own strengths and needs. Children are encouraged to respect their own culture and the culture of others. We recognise the unique place of Maori in our society and uphold the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.  Schoolwide activities incorporate and respect Tikanga Maori.

Our school has a close liaison with Fairfield Kindergarten, with the majority of Kindergarten children enrolling at Fairfield Primary.  Students usually continue their education at Fairfield Intermediate and Fairfield College respectively.  Both schools are located in close proximity.